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Florilegis Face Butter

Florilegis Face Butter $59.50

*includes post and packaging anywhere in Australia

This hand made face cream is a delightful blend of natural ingredients  formulated to moisturize and protect your skin, especially face and neck.  It is absorbed well and does not leave a ‘greasy’ feel to the skin for most types.

The base is derived from the native Australian Macadamia Nut and enhanced with other nourishing oils…. Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Carrot and Avocado Oil.  Aloe vera has been added to sooth, after exposure to the elements.

Seven essential oils have been selected for inclusion in the formula, based on their affinity to skin health and repair. Vitamins A, C E and zinc bestow their benefits too.

The most prized ingredients in this face butter are 10 of the 70 Florilegis Flower Essences gathered in a traditional manner by Raylee Delaney over 17 years.  The contribution of these flower essences is subtle, but important!

Apply morning and night and it is great under make up.